Production life of Canon EOS cameras


I said in a previous article that the 7D had the longest production run of any EOS camera. Was I right? No I wasn’t.

Turns out that honour goes to the EOS 1V 35mm film camera, launched in April 2000 and in production until maybe late 2010. Canon said in 2011 that they had ceased production of all 35mm film cameras – however they are still selling new stock EOS -1V HS produced in the last production batch as of 2015 and it’s still listed on at least some of the national Canon websites as a for-sale item.


Note that they try mostly to put the space between v and hs. Wouldn’t want anyone thinking about VHS when looking at buying a 35mm camera.

So here is the league table of EOS bodies with long production times:

BodyYear IntroducedYear Production CeasedTimeType
EOS 1V20002010 (?)10 years35mm
EOS 3199820078.5 years35mm
EOS 5199219986 years35mm
EOS 50199520005 years35mm
EOS 7D200920145 yearsAPS-C
EOS 1Ds Mark III200720114.25 yearsFull Frame

So, oops, I was wrong. The 7D had the longest production run of any EOS Digital camera (although the 5D Mark III may well catch up with it before the Mark IV is launched)

Head photo by Jörg Padberg


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