Look what I saw again! (or, alternatively, how good is this 5DSR!)

A while and a half ago, I did a fairly pointless test of a good camera/bad lens vs bad camera/good lens.

Well, if you read it you’ll probably remember that for no especially good reason there was a B-17 Flying Fortress flying past.  And if you didn’t read it, just to save you clicking a link and earning me more traffic, here’s the photo:

The one on the left was taken with an EOS 700 film camera with cheap  expired film and using the EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.  The one on the right was taken using a Canon EOS 5D Mark III with the ancient EF 35-80 f/4-5.6 POWER ZOOM lens.

My wife, quite unhelpfully, at the time asked why I hadn’t taken my “good lens” (EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS II).


So, fast-forward to today, and we’re in Los Angeles doing a last-minute trip to the beach before my wife and son fly home. This morning I’m thinking I should travel light, so I just take the camera and one lens. Of course, the EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS II gets left behind today.


We’re driving to the beach and she says “what’s that strange plane?”.  Oh… and you probably don’t have much difficulty guessing by this point. Yes, it’s another B-17.

Here’s a photo I took straight out of the front windscreen of the moving car (fortunately, my wife is driving).  The big difference today (other than a few thousand miles and a much nicer sky) is that I am now using the EOS 5DSR and the one lens I have with me is the EF 24-70 f/2.8L II USM.


Ok, not that exciting. But lets’ see how good this combination really is, and do a 1:1 crop from the above.



Yes. cropped from the above, taken from a moving car. What’s not to love about this!  Well, of course if I *HAD* taken the longer lens, it’d have been even better. But no complaints!

Later the plane made another pass near us, and I was able to get a slightly better photo:

What’s that one like at 1:1? it’s like this:

So. In case you were interested, this B-17 is called the Madras Maiden and is one of only 15 or so airworthy B-17s left worldwide.


So, it just goes to show if you have a good lens on a good body you don’t always need to take your 70-200 lens with you even if you  see a Flying Fortress.



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