EOS Sensor resolution – a visual comparison



Ever been curious how the different sensors in your cameras compare over time? I made this table to compare the different resolutions of the various EOS cameras I’ve owned over the years along with two cameras that I may well upgrade to – the Canon 5DSR and the Sony A7R Mark II.

You’ll notice the 6.3 megapixel EOS 300D from 2003 is approximately 1/4 of the resolution of the latest APS-C cameras from Canon, the 750D, 760D and M3.

What isn’t made obvious in this chart is the difference between full frame cameras (the 5D Mark III, A7R Mark II and 5DS/5DSR) and the APS-C cameras (all the rest). The significance here is that the newer 24 megapixel cameras from Canon actually have a finer pixel pitch than the new 5DS/5DSR cameras (3.72 µm vs 4.14 µm). Of course there’s a lot more to image quality than just pixel density, but it does go to show how advanced the modern APS-C cameras are getting. And as I’ve said before, I really do love the quality of images from the new EOS M3, and I have no doubt the 750D/760D would be just as good.


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